Pallidus M-SiC™ ultrapure silicon carbide has the capability to change current industry dynamics in the following ways:

– Delivering significant process and performance improvements
– Eliminating the need for wafer manufacturers to vertically integrate in order to achieve cost and quality objectives
– Dramatically reducing cost
– Playing a key role in creating and expanding new WBG opportunities

Pallidus M-SiC is “six nines” ultra-pure highly crystalline silicon carbide, benefitting customers in the following ways:

– Enables production of more consistent, better performing product.
– Improves overall yield and reduces costs.
– Other currently available sources of “pure” SiC are generally silicon or carbon rich—M-SiC is not.m-sic-3

M-SiC Product Details

– Consistent, controlled particle size of 0.2-1 micron
– Available at a substantial discount over current in-house production costs, breaking the current industry cost paradigm.
– Proprietary, scalable and protected manufacturing process requires minimal human intervention
– Capable of reducing length of customer production cycles by up to 20%
– Increases SiC wafer quality and value
– Added 20% in wafer production per lb of M-SiC; providing equivalent value of >10x material price.

Defensible Product Position

– M-SiC is the only ultra-pure silicon carbide available in the marketplace.
– Unique, IP-protected product characteristics of M-SiC have been unavailable until now.

To request a sample of Pallidus M-SiC, please send an inquiry to