Pallidus is positioned to become the sole, exclusive supplier of ultra-pure silicon carbide to the SiC-based WBG power electronics industry, with a powerful value proposition attractive to all parts of the value chain. M-SiC is a transformational product posed to capture a large segment of a market (power electronics) which Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, describes as “one of the great innovations of the 21st century.”

– Strong interest from ultra-pure SiC wafer manufacturers has already been demonstrated.
– Attractive market size ($1B today, projected to reach $10B by 2020)
– Promising industry dynamics—SiC-based semiconductors are growing at a 28% CAGR
– The market adoption and pricing trends of silicon carbide power electronics are likely to follow the history of the silicon chip market. Once silicon wafers reached a critical level, the market grew at multiples of wafer price reductions. Industry experts predict that a 50% decrease in SiC wafer price will result in a 400% increase in demand.

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